Our Story

"This farm isn't about pumpkins and animals, its about families slowing down and paying attention to what matters most - each other.  Farmer Cathy

Born out of a love for farming and introducing children to farming, Dream Field Farms was established in 2007.  Since then thousands of children have learned about where their food comes from with our unique approach to fun and learning.

Along the way we discovered that families needed a place where adults and kids alike could relax and unwind while making memories that would last a lifetime.  We are continuously striving to offer that place where time stands still and life is as it should be with friendly farmers at every station and a commitment to learning for all.

In 2009, we opened our hearts a little wider and began bringing inner city children to the farm for summer camps.  God has blessed this ministry and all the wonderful volunteers who have joined us in ministering to the least of these.  

2017 promises to bring another great season of fun.  The farm is n available for special events and weddings year round!  We are so excited to find new ways to Celebrate Life with all of you.