LUNCH OPTIONS:           

Student Lunch  *must preorder* 
Hot Dog, Chips, Fruit Roll-Up, Juice $3.00 
Chicken Strips (3), Chips, Fruit Roll-Up, Juice $4.00
Adult Lunch  *must be pre-ordered* 
Chicken Strips (5), Chips, Fountain Drink $6.00 

Field Trips:

Field Trip Dates: September 15 -November 15, 2015

Students:  $12.00 
Chaparones: $5.00 
Teachers: Free with 10 or more children each 

NEW FOR 2015!
Corn Maze field trips include a visit through our custom cut corn maze to find our 5 checkpoints.  During the visit, children will learn about Thomas Jefferson and how he impacted our nation so many years ago and how his writings are still impacting us today.   Educational areas will be set up so you can explore how the Declaration of Independence is still relevant today. Corn maze field trips are available in September and November by appointment only. 
Pumpkin Patch field trips include a full tour of the farm with 30 minute segments in each of our 7 sections. This includes the inflatable playground, animal farm, learning center, cow train, yard playground as well as a trip on one of our new covered wagons to the Pumpkin Patch & Marshmallow Mountain.  Every student takes home a small pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch!   Students under the age of 4 will be scheduled for the preschool area. This schedule does include time at the new inflatable park in the preschool area, the animal farm, cow train, learning center, and a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Preschool students under 2 are charged the same price as a regular student.   Field trips start at 9:30

Rocking the Farm: $12.00 per person for all the farm fun plus a trip to the minestone sluice.  Your children will mine for gems along with discovering all about rocks and minerals in our learning center!